Theo Papadopoulos

Associate Professor, College of Business
Victoria University

Theo Papadopoulos

Theo Papadopoulos is Discipline Leader - Applied Economics and Statistics, College of Business, Victoria University. As a former Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) he has a strong interest in business education and has published widely in the field. The eclectic nature of his research interests is demonstrated by his diverse publications where economics and quantitative methods have been applied to intellectual property (music copyright and piracy), education (career pathways and transitions), workforce development (apprentice training, life-skills and retention), community development and wellbeing (digital inclusion and youth mentoring).

Theo is an experienced program evaluator investigating the socio-economic impact of targeted programs and has worked with a number of Government Departments included, the Department of Business and Innovation, Department of Justice, Department of Sustainability and Environment, and the Department of Planning and Community Development.

Theo holds a PhD from Victoria University, a Master of Economics from Monash University and a Bachelor of Economics degree from La Trobe.

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