Tax Reform

Wed 13 April 2016

The April Forum further explores tax reform options, including the proposed cut in the company tax rate and tax incentives for innovation

11.00am: Registration open and refreshments/lunch

11.30am: Introduction to Forum from co-convener Professor Peter Dawkins, Vice-Chancellor and President, Victoria University

Setting the Scene

11.35am: Summation of previous forum discussion from co-convener Professor Ross Garnaut, Professorial Research Fellow in Economics, University of Melbourne

11.45am: A modelling assessment of the impacts of a cut in company tax in Australia, Dr Janine Dixon, Senior Research Fellow, Centre of Policy Studies, Victoria University

Politics and Policy

12.00pm: Assessment of recent tax proposals and the politics of tax reform, Mr John Daley, Chief Executive Officer, Grattan Institute

12.10pm: Company versus personal tax, Professor John Freebairn, Ritchie Chair of Economics, Department of Economics, University of Melbourne

12.20pm: Tax policy and innovation, Professor Beth Webster, Director, Centre for Transformative Innovation, Swinburne University

Forum Open for Discussion

12.30pm: Forum open for discussion by members

1.45pm: Forum concludes

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