Brendan Rynne

Partner, Chief Economist
KPMG Australia

Brendan Rynne

Dr Brendan Rynne is KPMG Australia’s Chief Economist and a Lead Partner in its Economics and Tax Centre. Brendan has significant experience in advising public sector departments and agencies on a range of issues and activities, including econometric analysis, economy-wide modelling, cost benefit analysis, impact assessments, efficiency improvements and legislative/regulatory reform.

Brendan also leads KPMG Australia’s Thought Leadership in the economics discipline, and has completed research in the areas of optimal tax reform, impact of trade protectionism, property market cycles, productivity and income inequality. Brendan is a member of the Advisory Board for the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research at the University of Melbourne and is a Visitor at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research in Westminster, London.

Brendan holds a Bachelor of Economics and Master of Social Science (Economics) from the University of Queensland, a Master of Applied Finance from the Queensland University of Technology and a Doctor of Philosophy (Economics and Econometrics) from the University of Adelaide.

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