Yi-Ping Tseng

Senior Research Fellow, Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic & Social Research
University of Melbourne

Yi-Ping Tseng

Yi-Ping Tseng is a Senior Research Fellow at Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic & Social Research, University of Melbourne.

Dr Tseng has a longstanding research interest in issues related to economic and social disadvantage. Her work in this field focuses on understanding the behaviour of extremely disadvantaged populations and evaluating programs and policies to assist with breaking the cycle of disadvantage. She has a depth of experience in conducting evaluations of government policies using administrative data (e.g. Work for the Dole and Job Seeker Diary) and is currently involved in the evaluations of the Try, Test and Learn fund and the NSW Future Directions for Social Housing.

Dr Tseng is also experienced in conducting randomised controlled trials (RCT) to evaluate innovative programs for homeless people, youth with mental illness, and children facing extreme family stress. She is passionate about understanding the mechanisms, effectiveness and financial viability of social intervention programs, in order to provide vital evidence to help shape effective policies.

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