James  Giesecke

Director, Centre of Policy Studies
Victoria University

James  Giesecke

James is a Research Professor at Victoria University, where he is Director of the Centre of Policy Studies (CoPS). His research is in the development of multi-regional and national computable general equilibrium (CGE) models, and the application of these models to the analysis of economic growth and structural change, forecasting, and policy analysis.

In these areas James has published approximately 40 papers in peer-reviewed journals and edited books. He has undertaken more than 100 commissioned research projects, for private and public sector organisations, both nationally and internationally.

With colleagues from CoPS, James has built CGE models of the economies of Australia, Vietnam, Poland, Italy, and sub-regions of the U.S., and promoted the adoption of CGE models by public policy economists in these and other countries through the development and delivery of intensive training courses in economic modelling.

James holds a PhD and a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) degree from the University of Adelaide.

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