Janine Dixon

Senior Research Fellow, Centre of Policy Studies
Victoria University

Janine Dixon

Dr Janine Dixon is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre of Policy Studies (CoPS) at Victoria University. Prior to joining CoPS in 2007 she worked at the Australian Bureau of Statistics (1997-2002) where she was the manager of various surveys of the service industries in Australia. Dr Dixon has a PhD from the University of Dublin, Trinity College (2006) and a Bachelor of Economics with First Class Honours from Monash University (1997).

Janine’s interests include the theory and practical application of large scale dynamic computable general equilibrium (CGE) models. She has worked extensively with the Vic-Uni, MMRF and TERM models of the Australian economy, undertaking economic consultations for various public and private sector clients in Australian and internationally. Her recent past projects include detailed labour market forecasts, analysis of the Murray Darling Basin Plan, and analysis of the Victorian Government’s infrastructure program. She has also worked on the development of detailed “baseline” forecasts of the Australian economy, incorporating detail on the construction and operational phases of the mining boom.

Janine also has experience in many aspects of training for CGE modelling including (a) as an instructor at CoPS short courses; (b) as the ongoing advisor for on-the-job training for a state government department's CGE team; (c) undergraduate lecturing in CGE modelling; and (d) in preparation of course materials (workshop exercises) for several CoPS short courses both domestically and overseas.

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