Mark Horridge

Professor, Centre of Policy Studies
Victoria University

Mark Horridge

Mark Horridge is Director GEMPACK Software, Centre of Policy Studies, Victoria University.

Mark is a Research Professor at Victoria University's Centre of Policy Studies (CoPS). He leads the small team behind GEMPACK software, the CGE modelling system developed at CoPS over many years. He has also been involved in development of the regional CGE models that are used by CoPS for Australian policy analysis. He has travelled widely to help build CGE models for many other countries, including China, Thailand, Finland, South Africa, Brazil, Poland, the Philippines, Nepal, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Taiwan.

Mark has organised or taught in around 80 CGE training courses, and has published 26 refereed journal articles and 12 book chapters. Mark has been associated with the Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) in various ways since its inception, and since 2009 is one of three 'members-at-large' of the GTAP Advisory Board.

Mark holds a PhD (University of Melbourne), a Bachelor of Arts (ANU) and a Master of Arts (Cantab).

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